New “Seabirds and Cetaceans” whale watching trip

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Kimberley Coast whale and bird watching expedition cruise

Join photographer and film-maker Richard Costin from Kimberley Whale Watching (and Kimberley Media), and George Swann from Kimberley Birdwatching for an unforgettable trip along the Kimberley coast, and out to Adele Island and the Lacepede Islands.  A wildlife photographer’s dream, you’ll have the chance to photograph seabirds and cetaceans in their natural habitat. 11-20 Sept. 2013 $5,500 pp twin share … Read More

Kimberley Gallery

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The story behind the Sunset Breach


Humpback whale breaches at sunset

We missed a shot of the whale calf breaching, but managed to capture the female as she sailed out of the water in front of the setting sun, executing a perfect half twist. The “footprint”, the slightly smoother patch of water in the bottom right of the photo shows where the calf had breached. The following two images were captured just before we lost the light completely.

Kimberley wildlife photography cruise


Kimberley Whale Watching

Kimberley Whale Watching is pleased to announce two exciting opportunities for photographers to photograph wildlife on the Kimberley coast. The two “Whales & Reefs” expedition cruises will follow the migratory path of the Kimberley’s humpback whales, from Broome back to Broome, and visiting Adele Island and the Lacepede Islands, two important bird and turtle nesting sites, Camden Sound (the Kimberley’s first inshore marine park), Augustus Island, one of the largest islands on the Kimberley coast, and explore some of the Kimberley’s diverse and amazing fringing reefs.

Bob Brown visits Broome


Senator Bob Brown addresses the crowd at the Broome Convention Centre Chinatown.

Senator Bob Brown made good on his 2011 promise to visit Broome once again before his retirement from Federal Parliament.  Addressing a crowd of approximately 450 people at the Broome Convention Center on Wednesday 6th June, Senator Brown, former leader of the Greens, said that he’d be “knocking at the door” of the board of Woodside, in support of the … Read More

Whales arrive in Camden Sound


Two humpback whales rest in front of Bumpus Island in Camden Sound.

This week we’ve had reports of Humpback whales off Broome and Langgi in Camden Sound. The Humpbacks make an annual migration to calve in the Kimberley’s warm, tropical waters, usually arriving in the last week of May or first week of June.

Broome moon


A waning gibbous moon rises over Roebuck Bay in Broome on Western Australia’s Kimberley coast.

Favourite images #2


Early morning light over the Carr Boyd Range near Kununurra

Image taken early in the morning on a flight over the Carr Boyd Range near Kununurra, between Christmas and New Year 2008.