The Kimberleys Wildwater Country

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“The Kimberley’s Wildwater Country” tells the story of the Kimberley’s rivers, ranges and coast, with stunning scenery including the iconic Horizontal Waterfalls in Talbot Bay, and  the Kimberley’s Humpback whales, the world’s largest Humpback whale population. 

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The Kimberley’s Wildwater Country – a film by Richard Costin (Trailer) from Kimberley Media on Vimeo.


Take a journey though the Kimberley’s Wildwater country,  an ancient landscape where the rivers connect the rugged ranges of the Kimberley plateau to the islands and reefs of the Kimberley coast.

The amazing diversity of the land is matched by the stunning marine life along the Kimberley coast, from the inshore reefs to the coral atolls in the deep blue of the Indian ocean.