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Kimberley Media's cameras

I’m sitting in Broome surrounded by camera and sound gear, trying to magically condense a great pile of stuff into a light and compact arrangement for a forthcoming wet season trip up the Kimberley coast.  What I need is the photographic equivalent of the Tardis, bigger on the inside than the outside.  We have:

  • 2 camera bodies
  • 4 lenses
  • tripod + monopod
  • sound gear
  • MacBook Pro and hard-drives
Kimberley Media's cameras



The Lowepro backpack, fully loaded, weighs 9.5kg in itself, and then there are a couple of Pelican cases. We’re flying up to Talbot Bay, but loading all of this onto the boat in Broome before “MV Odyssey” leaves port as there’s a 10kg weight restriction on the float plane.

The trip should be fabulous; there’s been a fair bit of rain, and the Kimberley’s waterfalls should be flowing nicely.