The story behind the Sunset Breach


Humpback whale breaches at sunset

We missed a shot of the whale calf breaching, but managed to capture the female as she sailed out of the water in front of the setting sun, executing a perfect half twist. The “footprint”, the slightly smoother patch of water in the bottom right of the photo shows where the calf had breached. The following two images were captured just before we lost the light completely.

King Tides Broome

annabelleIn the field

Wet season storm clouds build up behind Broome jetty at the Port.

Squelching around near the Broome jetty in soft, velvety mud to mid calf, I noticed a featherstar waving delicate feathery arms with stripes in shades of milky coffee in a shallow, sandy pool. Broome is famous for its large tidal variations and the King tides over Easter brought super highs and super lows with a difference of up to 10m.