Sea Shepherd’s “Steve Irwin” visits Broome

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Goolarabooloo Traditional Owner Richard Hunter chats to ex senator Bob Brown on Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd’s Steve Irwin visited Broome and the Kimberley coast in August 2012 at the invitation of Aboriginal traditional owners, the Goolarabooloo, to raise awareness of the Kimberley’s Humpback whale population and the likely impact of the industrialization of the coast on the Breeding Stock D, or Group lV population of Humpback whales if the construction of an LNG processing hub goes ahead at James Price Point.

James Price Point


Reflections at James Price Point, north of Broome.

A few new images of James Price Point, or Walmadan, the site of a proposed LNG processing facility which lies approximately 60km to the north of Broome on the Dampier Peninsula.

Near James Price Point


This beach between James Price Point and Quandong Point is near the site of the proposed LNG processing hub on the Kimberley’s lower Dampier Peninsula, in an area rich in marine life, with one of the most significant dinosaur trackways in the world and a view of the world’s largest population of migrating humpback whales.