Diving Macleay Island

annabelleIn the field, Photography

Naturalist Richard Costin

Diving in Kimberley waters is not for the faint hearted; saltwater crocodiles and  sharks cruise these tropical waters, and strong tides and currents can take unwary divers by surprise.  However, determined to explore an island he hadn’t previously visited, Broome based naturalist Richard Costin packed his swag on the roof of his dinghy and set off on a 500km round … Read More

Huge Wet Season


Huge rains in the Fitzroy and Ord River catchments have led to flooding in the east and west Kimberley.  The Aboriginal community of Warmun has been destroyed, leading Liberal Party Senator Alan Eggleston to suggest that the community may need to be rebuilt on higher ground.  Pricless artworks by deceased artists were amongst the belongings lost to the floods.  Guests … Read More

New website


After a lot of work, our new Kimberley Media website is finally online…Phew!  Still tweaking, but nearly there.