Fitzroy River flight


Images from a flight over the Fitzroy River early morning on Saturday 19th March.

We set off early with Joe Calandra, owner of Broome Helicopters, in an R44.  Low contrast because of a soft, cloudy haze made photography challenging over the inland areas.  Tracking down over Roebuck Plains, which only two weeks earlier had been underwater, there was still some low-lying water but the lower levels were testament to the amount of water draining into Roebuck Bay and the underground aquifer.

From Roebuck Plains we flew west across to Grant’s Range, and then followed the Fitzroy up to Willare Bridge, which as of today (Sunday 20th March) is underwater.  River levels are rising, currently at nearly 9m, and expected to peak tomorrow.  The fabulous wet season rains have filled inland lakes and dry creek beds inland of King Sound.

Canon 5D Mark ll, 16-35mm llL series.