Camden Sound Marine Park announced


A whale breaches in Camden Sound

In October 2009 Donna Faragher, the Western Australian minister for the environment announced the proposed Camden Sound Marine Park.  The park would encompass Montgomery Reef to the south,  Champagny, Byam Martin and the Heyward Islands to the north, and a large body of water considered to be one of the most important Humpback whale calving grounds on earth.

The final boundaries of the park were announced on the 19th April 2012 with a total area of 700,000km2 (or 1.73 million acres).  Sanctuary, or no-take zones comprise 20% of the park and trawling will be excluded from 48% of the park.

The marine park protects three iconic areas:  Camden Sound as one of the main maternity areas for the Breeding Stock D population of Humpback whales, The Champagny Islands, which contain important turtle nesting sites, and Montgomery Reef, one of the world’s largest inshore reefs.