Kimberley Stock Photography & Documentary Film 

Kimberley Media specialises in stunning stock photography,  of Western Australia’s Kimberley region.

Our Kimberley Stock Photos archive has over three thousand  images online, and hundreds of hours of footage on file, all specifically relating to Western Australia’s magnificent Kimberley region, including wilderness, wildlife, aerial and underwater.

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  • Image of Dugong Bay by Richard Costin - Kimberley Media | Kimberley Stock Photos
    John Carey - Pew Environment Group - Pew Trusts

    John Carey, Pew Environment Group

    Kimberley Media’s incredible footage and photographs have really captured the iconic imagery of the Kimberley coast and landscape – and has been essential to our campaign for greater marine and terrestrial protection.

  • Ellie Miller, Siamese, Perth

    I would thoroughly recommend Kimberley Media to any media professional looking for high quality shots of the Kimberley and surrounding environments.

  • Bouddi Farm, Killcare Heights - stylish Killcare accommodation

    Lucille & Gordon S., Killcare NSW

    We love our new website…the proof of the pudding is that the bookings are steadily coming in.

  • Lorie Linton, Kimberley Expeditions, Perth WA

    I’ve had the brochures printed and they look awesome! All of them look amazing and I am so pleased.